Our Vision
To make everyone experience Happiness, Bliss and Abundance in one’s life by establishing a Divine Energy Vortex.
Our Mission
To invoke the Universal Divine Grace.
What is Happiness
Bliss ?
Every individual on this Earth Planet is here to experience bliss. Each and every aspect of life is subconsciously programmed to attain happiness and bliss. Establishing an Energy Vortex in your Home, Office or any space of your choice, can help you achieve bliss.
It is an emotion of complete state of Joy and Contentment in every aspect of Life. We all subconsciously desire to resonate our mind and body to this cosmic rhythm of experiencing bliss in every moment of life.
What is a Divine Energy Vortex ?
An Energy Vortex is a combination of Consecrated Pure Himalayan Crystal Shiva Lingam and Maha Meru (Sri Chakra) in certain formation. Everything in this Universe is created with Balanced Union of Male and female Energy. Universally, Shiva is Male Energy and Shakti is Female Energy. And here, Shiva is represented as Shiva Lingam and Shakti as Sri Chakra.